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Here from Away, Poems by Kate Bernadette Benedict

With effortless command of traditional forms and inventive explorations in styles of her own devisings, Kate Bernadette Benedict’s Here from Away explores dislocation in its many dimensions: geographic, emotional, personal, spiritual. This collection is Benedict’s long-overdue full-length debut.

 Sample poems by Kate Benedict

Kate Benedict's website

"What intelligent, energetic, generous poems these are, and how willing to take risks! They’ll try—with impressive success—anything to communicate truthfully: formal verse that makes form feel as integral to the poem as it should be; playful, witty free verse that uses freedom well; confession that doesn’t plead for sympathy; social commentary that manages subtlety; humor; surrealistic imagery; strong, effective narrative; sharp-eyed description; vignettes that convey the flavor of relationships and domestic situations." —Rhina P. Espaillat

"I admire Kate Benedict’s poems for their freshness, intelligence, and grace. In poems such as 'Hope,' Kate Benedict shows that her nimbleness in meter informs the music of her free verse. Reading her work I find myself, not unlike the speaker in that poem, eagerly looking forward to 'the next and the next spark.'"—A.E. Stallings

Kate Bernadette Benedict grew up in the Bronx, New York and has lived since the 1970’s on New York City’s upper west side. Her poems have been appearing in literary magazines and anthologies since 1980. She has worked as a book editor for major publishers and has also worked in education and finance.

ISBN: 1-932339-25-6, 136 pages, $16.00

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