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Flats and Riots, Poems by Michelle Stoner

The poems of Flats and Riots by Michelle Stoner are ones of spiritual and physical yearning. Stoner creates taut lines that are tense and aching in their need:
I want to go
to lightning skin, velocity
is what I want,
what makes me strike:
remember when we were
the only ones around,
electric in our talk,
watching wings until they were gone?

Sample Poems by Michelle Stoner
“Velocity is what Flats and Riots lusts for —and delivers. Michelle Stoner’s poems are short but voluptuous, juicy and passionate. These are reflective yet wondering poems that feast on unusual beauty, yet her voice is humble, humorous, and honest in the right amounts at the right times. Flats and Riots awards its readers memorable and unique images while inspiring true visceral living in our own footsteps.” —Angela Bayout
“Simplicity in modern poetry seems to be rare. Writers, desperate to find the right words, often use too many. They plot out so much that once the poem is read, there really isn't anything left to roll around in the head. Michelle Stoner does quite the opposite. She writes simply, skillfully. There is enough here to know, with enough left out that it whispers to you later, beautifully, in a silent moment.”—Billy Wright, author of 33 gods
Michelle Stoner is a lover of travel, of people, and of thought. (She is currently a PhD student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania). She lives in Pittsburgh.

ISBN: 978-1934999141, 92 pages, $17.00

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